Father’s Day Gift Guide | Nathan Wallace

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day: These are my official ‘approved’ gifts for Father’s Day this 2018. Father’s Day is fast approaching in Australia, so why not get dad one [...]


MEXICAN LASAGNE | One Recipe, Four Ways

One Recipe, Four Ways I’m a big believer in everyone eating the same meal at home. We don’t cater to fussy toddler tastes and everyone eats dinner together. But sometimes, you need to mix it up [...]


How To: Fast Food for Fit Dads and MyFitnessPal

Writing my first cookbook was a huge undertaking. I wanted it to be helpful, easy to follow, provide advice for everyone from athletes to dads with a general interest in taking care of [...]


Rich & Creamy Easy Tiramisu Recipe + Macros! (HEALTHY TIRAMISU)

This easy tiramisu recipe will take you less than 30 minutes to whip up and enjoy. It tastes like a treat, but has only 8.5g of fat per serve! One of Sophie’s most memorable desserts is the [...]


Family Traditions We Live By!

Family Traditions With a busy lifestyle, working long hours, training late after a full day of work – you may be coming in the door as dinner is being served. Dinner time can be a great [...]


Fast Food for Fit Dads is coming!

The pre-sale for Fast Food for Fit Dads is just around the corner! So a little more about my first recipe book… Our role as dad is so important. When creating Fast Food for Fit Dads, I [...]


5 Minute Recipes – 5 meals in under 5 minutes

Five meals in under five minutes – go! My kids challenged me to create five meals in five minutes – see how I went … You might have heard I have a book coming out soon – Fast Food for Fit Dads [...]


Mother’s Day Easy Banana Pancakes with Blueberries

Mum will love these easy banana pancakes for Mother’s Day! I know how frantic a Sunday morning can get, so I’ve included some dad hacks in this recipe to make sure these pancakes get [...]


Kitchen Basics for Dads – Cooking 101

Kitchen Basics for Dads – Cooking 101 How does someone who could only cook three dishes release a cook book? Easy. You get a few basics under your belt, set aside the rule book, take a few [...]


Mexican Lasagne Recipe + Macros! (HEALTHY LASAGNE)

This is an awesome, hearty dinner perfect for the whole family. Consider it my ‘healthy lasagne recipe’ – with nothing lacking in the taste department! We love Mexican cuisine [...]

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