How To: Fast Food For Fit Dads and MyFitnessPal

Writing my first cookbook was a huge undertaking. I wanted it to be helpful, easy to follow, provide advice for everyone from athletes to dads with a general interest in taking care of themselves, and be different to other books on the shelf. I wanted to fill the pages with recipes that the littlest family member would love, and that dads would enjoy cooking and eating. And above all, it needed to work for me – enabling me to track macros, hit my micronutrient requirements, and be fast.

I’m proud to say Fast Food for Fit Dads achieved all of my goals. It’s full of proven recipes that work for a whole family, or just for one.

The recipes are easy to recreate, without any oddball ingredients that require searching specialist shops.

The protein sources are simple to swap out, so it caters for all nutritional preferences, from vegan, to pescetarian, to eat-it-all types.

And the best bit is the integration with MyFitnessPal.

Sophie and I (and our clients at THE BOD) all use MyFitnessPal as our preferred nutrition tracker. Yes, there are others on the market, but MFP is our choice for its ease of use, huge nutritional database and functionality. Whenever I cook, I enter the recipe into MyFitnessPal to track my macros against my daily caloric intake. So being able to shortcut this process for you is an absolute win in my book.

Here are my quick hacks on how to use Fast Food For Fit Dads any MyFitnessPal.

Barcode scanning

Every recipe in Fast Food for Fit Dads has a barcode for scanning into MyFitnessPal. Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app (even the free version is fine), simply scan the barcode with your smartphone and the recipe will appear in MyFitnessPal with the macro breakdown, so you can log it against your meal.

Searchable recipes

If you’re out and about and don’t have the book with you but want to check how a recipe fits your macros for the day, simply open MFP, search for Fast Food for Fit Dads, and every recipe in the book will appear in the results. Then just scroll to the recipe you want, select, and log it.

Swapping out ingredients

If you have a specific preference for a brand of yoghurt, type of cheese, or protein source, you can swap the ingredients out and enter the recipe yourself. You’ll only need to do this once, then save the recipe to your profile for future reference. It’s a bit fiddly to enter in every ingredient, but by choosing the exact brands you’re cooking with you’ll get a more accurate macro breakdown. And then, if you want to cut the fat, carbs or protein of a particular recipe, you can simply enter less of a chosen ingredient (such as less avocado, or a smaller server of chicken). Or, if you’re bulking, you might want to add more rice, sweet potato or another food to the recipe.

Australian standard database

All macros are calculated in MyFitnessPal using the Australian nutritional standard database. This is to keep things consistent, but doesn’t account for differences between brands – yoghurt is one prime example, where the sugar, carbs and protein can vary widely between brands. Always check the labels of your ingredients, keep an eye out for added sugars and foods that end in ‘-ose’ (glucose, fructose, sucrose etc), and try to eat fresh as much as possible.

Not sure what your daily caloric intake and macros should be? Visit THE BOD for detailed information and our Macro Calculator.