About Me

I am a natural, national-level bodybuilding and powerlifting athlete who has been fortunate enough to expand my hobby into a rewarding career coaching others to achieve the same success.

I am extremely passionate about a few key things: My family, changing the lives of my clients, and excelling as an athlete.

Over the last few years, my focus has shifted, less on bodybuilding and more on family time (and eating!), powerlifting and business. In marrying an incredible cook and becoming a dad to a young family, my focus on food changed – from simply viewing it as fuel for workouts to valuing meals as an opportunity for family time, fun and flavour.

Before becoming ‘dad’, I could easily eat the same meals for days at a time – my focus was nutrition, not taste. But having four kids will quickly revise your priorities – if my mini-critics don’t like a meal, they don’t hold back in telling me! My wife and kids have inspired me to explore new tastes, cuisines and healthy shortcuts in the kitchen, expanding my repertoire from chicken and rice to meals the whole family can eat, fast. My Thursday night ‘dad’s in the kitchen’ cook up has now become a family tradition and as the kids get older, cooking has become something we can all enjoy together.

After taste-testing and perfecting my recipes over the last couple of years (thanks, family!), I am proud to announce the launch of my first recipe book Fast Food for Fit Dads (available August 2018). With this recipe book, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to combine my love of cooking for the family, my interest in health and nutrition, and the direct impact it has on my training to bring you a cookbook full of main meals, light bites, drinks and desserts complete with their macronutritional breakdowns to help you achieve your fitness goals while feeding the whole family.

Who said men couldn’t multi-task?


To no one’s surprise, I met my wife Sophie at the gym I was working at back in 2012. Together, we’re a team and have accomplished some crazy things over the years.

  • Our twin girls were born in 2015, completing our family of six
  • We have supported each other through multiple competition preps and walked away with world titles.
  • We have opened our own strength and conditioning gym together on the Gold Coast: Hold Your Own.
  • We have created our own fitness program called THE BOD that has transformed the bodies and lives of thousands of men and women.


I have loved the outdoors and sports since as far back as I can remember. My first love (sorry Sophie, haha) was AFL. I played all through my teenage years, but it wasn’t meant to be. I searched for something else to channel ‘my all’ into – and I didn’t have to look for too long. My dad has owned his own gym and weight trained his entire life, so it felt only natural to follow in his footsteps.

The gym is now my second home. There’s nothing better than an empty gym, music roaring and hitting a lifting PB.

For most of my career, I focused on bodybuilding and took out the Australian Nationals overall. I then went on to win the Natural Mr Olympia Amateurs, turned pro and the very next day placed third in the Pro Division.

In more recent years, my focus has shifted to powerlifting. I pride myself on performing drug and enhancement-free. Whether the end goal is to bring a proportioned physique to the stage, or to lift as much as I can – this is a mantra I will always live by.


At Hold Your Own, we are committed to educating and empowering our clients with the right information to make lifelong changes. Myself and the other coaches at Hold Your Own follow the same protocols I have used for years to help my clients reach their physique goals. I am still coaching today, with the hope that every single one of my clients will walk away with more knowledge than when they first started.

I am one of the only Recomp Certified Specialists in Queensland, and all coaches at Hold Your Own also hold ISSN Sports Nutrition certifications.

Sophie and I developed THE BOD, our 12-week transformation nutrition and training program knowing that there was a gap in the market. There’s only so many clients I can take on at one given time. With so many cookie cutter programs and one size fits all approaches, we knew there was a huge demand for a program that could cater to specific fitness levels and nutritional needs. The Bod is the program for the athlete who wants the detail of a customised plan and the experience of a coach.


I love preparing home cooked meals and getting my creations taste-tested by my biggest critics: my kids. It was only last year that I realised my following on social media wanted my recipes as much as everyone at home. My butter chicken has been recreated in thousands of kitchens Australia-wide – that fact alone was enough to make me decide to take the leap and develop Fast Food for Fit Dads.

There’s nothing like sitting down together at the dinner table each night and sharing good food. Home cooked meals are a constant in our household. It’s important to me that the entire family eating fresh whole foods is the norm and eating out is a rarity. Cooking meals from scratch means you know what you’re feeding your loved ones – you’re aware of every single ingredient.